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Everything You Need to Know About IP Addresses: Are They Harmless or a Threat?

Ain’t nobody’s business what you’re doing on the internet! So make sure you use the right tools to keep your browsing history safe from prying eyes! We’re here to break it down for you and tell you how you can better protect your digital privacy by knowing the risks 😉

What is an IP address?

You’ve probably heard people throw around the term “IP Address” and to make sure to not have it leaked, but what is it and why does it even matter? An IP address is a way for other devices to identify your device and send information to and from it. You can think of it like a home address that you send mail to and from other homes! Online servers use it to send information like that cat video on Youtube to your phone screen.

Just to be clear, IP addresses don’t give away your name, phone number, or any other precise personal information. It only reveals your geolocation and your internet provider, but it’s very important to not leak this information even if it might not seem too revealing at first glance!

Well, what happens when my IP address is leaked?

When your IP address is leaked, a LOT of things could happen:

  1. Your online activity can be tracked and your information can be stolen if a company's server is hacked.

  2. Hackers can find out who you are through scams and network attacks so that they can get your personal information.

  3. Your device could become infected with malware by cybercriminals.

  4. You could be impersonated for illegal activities.

  5. Your network could be disabled.

These are only some of the threats of what could happen when your IP address is leaked and as you can see, even though your IP address does not directly reveal your personal information, it creates gateways for cyber criminals to access it through other servers and means.

So, how can I protect my IP address?

Don’t fret! There are two primary ways you can protect your IP address from being leaked so you can feel safer being online.

  1. Use a proxy server. A proxy server helps you hide your IP address and it gives different IP addresses than your own to servers, search engines, and other companies that you visit online. Essentially, it disguises your IP identity!

  2. Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Using a VPN will hide your IP address and encrypt all the data from your browsing sessions! Your online presence will pass undetected through servers and your digital footprint becomes invisible 😶‍🌫️ VPNs are easy to use and are highly recommended!

We compiled a list of our favorite VPN recommendations below for you to check out and see which one you like the best:

  • NordVPN – the best VPN by Reddit in 2023 overall.

  • Surfshark – the best price and quality ratio according to Reddit.

  • PrivateVPN – fast and reliable VPN for browsing and more by Reddit.

  • ExpressVPN – thrustworthy VPN for streaming.

  • CyberGhost – versatile VPN for everyday use.

Now that you know the risks of a leaked IP address, you’re ready to tackle your digital footprint and take control of your safety and privacy 💓

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