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Nudes getting censored on IG? Try this sticker pack!

Mar 20

Get ‘em on Giphy here or download ‘em here.

Tassels and pasties and peaches, oh my! Sick of using the 😺 emoji to cover up your nudes on IG and Twitter?


NSFW creators always seem to be stuck in a never ending game of cat and mouse with social media. A cute bikini pic showing off your best assets? Fair game. A lingerie pic with a little nip slip? Shadowbanned.

As ya’ll know, we built PrivyCam as a secure camera app for NSFW creators. As spring kicks into high gear, we thought we’d give you a lil something to keep it cute and hopefully social media safe 🙂

Meet the first PrivyCam sticker pack – a pack of virtual stickers & gifs you can use to make your content a bit safer to post. 

Full transparency, this is step 1 on the way to creating some truly badass NSFW-themed AR body filters (think AR nipple tassels). More to come on that! 

How to use em:

  1. Download the sticker pack onto your computer or mobile device. For your mobile device make sure content is saved within your camera roll. 

  2. Add stickers on top of your content or directly on top of your instagram stories and reels! 

Instagram Story: 

Note: The image must be saved to your camera roll or gallery.

For iOS users: 

  1. Touch and hold on the image, and wait for the menu to pop up.

  2. Select the “Save Image” option(which should save to your camera roll).

  3. Open Instagram.

  4. Hit the “add an image” button. 

  5. Play!

For Android users: 

  1. Press and hold on the Image. 

  2. Hit Download to save the image to your Gallery.

  3. Open Instagram.

  4. Hit the “add an image” button. 

  5. Play!

Want to stay tuned for what’s next with Privy?

We’ll be dropping some more sticker packs in the near future… In the meantime, make sure to get on our waitlist for early access when our app drops in April. And make sure to tag us @ itsprivycam #protectyournudes on social.

Also, check out our reddit community r/SexWorkersPrivacy, A space to talk all things privacy + security for Sex Workers and other NSFW creators.

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Protect your privacy. Control your content.

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